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Sports Betting App Development

Sports Betting is a popular industry and a billion-dollar business idea. We create Powerful sports betting apps, Cricket betting app development, Soccer betting app development, Football betting app development, Baseball betting app development and Horseracing betting app development packed with powerful features, interactive designs and great simplicity.

Redefining Betting Industry with Sports Betting App Development.
Sports Betting Mobile App
One Touch Betting

The betting interface is fully accessed via a few taps of your mobile screen, and placing a wager is a one tap procedure that is an absolute breeze to use.

Online Sports Betting App
Live Events Schedule

Should you be wondering what to place a wager on today, you can always be relied on is the Live Events Schedule offered within the sports betting app.

Sports Betting Mobile Application
Multiple Bets

When you visit a land based betting shop or land based Sports books, then you are able to place exactly the type of wagers you are looking to bet on.

Cricket betting app
Live scores

The Sports Betting Mobile App shows live scores and even live telecast of the matches, helping you to enjoy the game while placing your bets.

Soccer betting app
Calendars, days and schedules

You get updates about upcoming matches, schedules and sports days and may also enable notifications for the particular match you want to bet on.

Football betting app

The Online Sports Betting App is fully secured for your users to bet and play. Your users get the safety of their money against frauds and fake betting activities.

The Solutions
Our team of proficient and skilled developers masters the art of Cricket betting app development, Soccer betting app development, Football betting app development, Baseball betting app development and Horseracing betting app development etc. With our Sports Betting Mobile App Development services, we help your business to attain an impressive growth in the industry.
  • Soccer Betting App
    Baseball betting app
    Horseracing betting app
    Soccer Betting App

    Soccer, also known as Football, is the most popular sport across the globe with billions of fans and betting enthusiasts. We provide Soccer betting app development & Football betting app development, making you able to reach large audience base.

  • Cricket Betting App
    sports betting app development
    Sports Betting Mobile App Development
    Cricket Betting App

    Cricket is one of the most popular betting sports across the world. Due to its uncertainties and popularity, billions of people bet on cricket. We provide Cricket betting app development that you may promote for cricket betting.

  • Baseball Betting App
    Online Sports Betting App Development
    Cricket betting app development
    Baseball Betting App

    Baseball is yet another popular sport with billions of fans. Our Baseball betting app development lets your users enjoy the thrilling game, with you making the money with your app.

  • Horseracing Betting App
    Soccer betting app development
    Football betting app development
    Horseracing Betting App

    The sport for royal betters, horse racing is a popular betting event since centuries. Even today, billions of people bet on the race. We provide Horseracing betting app development that churns out the revenue for you.

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Betting Types
Offering powerful Sports Betting Mobile Application Development for different betting types.
Baseball betting app development

Single bets possess a lower level of risk, and the stake costs only a single unit, unlike full cover bets. Another advantage of them is the ease with which the profits from them are calculated.

Horseracing betting app development
Head to Head

Head to Head betting is probably the most used form of betting around the web. Simply put, the thing you do is bet on the fixture’s outcome – win, lose or (when applicable) draw.

Sports Betting Mobile Application Development
Totals (Over/Under)

Totals is another top online betting market. You can place your Over/under bets on practically any countable statistic in a game (points, corner, cards, games in a set, free throws, etc).

sports betting app

Handicaps are hugely popular in the United States and people there are crazy about betting on their traditional sports using those markets.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Each Way

Each way is a very popular form of betting, especially among punters who are into horse racing. The terms for place bets are set in advance by the operator and pay out a fraction of the Win odds.

Online Sports Betting App

Every wager that has more than one selection in it is an accumulator bet. That way your potential return is increased, but sadly so are the chances of the wager not to come out winning.

Sports Betting Mobile Application

Double is type of bet that consists exactly 2 selections. The condition to grant you a return is both selections to come out winning.

Cricket betting app

Treble is a type of wager that involves 3 bets. In order for a treble bet to be successful, all 3 selections need to come out winning.

Our solutions come with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
Horseracing betting app
Punter Panel
  • User Account
  • Live feed
  • In-app purchase
  • Easy navigation
  • Virtual/ Real Money Payments
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Live scores
  • Notifications with results
  • Betting Tips
  • Select the sport
  • Calendars, days and schedules
  • Select the betting patterns
sports betting app development
Bookie Panel
  • Bookmaker Account
  • Odds from the major bookies
  • User Management
  • Send Notifications
  • Change availability
  • Calendars, days and schedules
  • Send betting tips
  • Live feed
  • Customer Support
Sports Betting Mobile App Development
Admin Panel
  • Game Management
  • Risk Management
  • Payment Management
  • Users/Player’s Account Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Dash Board
  • Player (user) management
  • Bookmaker Management
  • Live feed Management
  • Finance management
  • Customer Support
Advanced Features
Delivering More Powers and Flexibility to your Sports Betting Business...
Online Sports Betting App Development

The Sports Betting Mobile Application comes with different types of betting, games and other classifications, making it easier for your users to choose the betting type they prefer.

Cricket betting app development
Notifications with results

Your users and bookmakers get instant alerts and notifications about the results of the game as well as about their win/loss.

Soccer betting app development

The sports betting app supports multiple languages with RTL language changing option. Users may switch the language with just one tap.

Football betting app development
Daily Betting Offers

Attract more customers by offering daily betting offers. The home screen of the Sports Betting Mobile App shows betting offers of the day.

Baseball betting app development
Regular Promotions

Promotions, loyalty programs and other offers keep your users engaged with the Online Sports Betting App, along with attracting more punters.

Horseracing betting app development

The Sports Betting Mobile Application comes with an in-app payment system. Users may pay with in-built wallet, credit/debit card and net banking.

Sports Betting Mobile Application Development

The news section of the sports betting app shows latest sports news, industry trends and public betting trends to keep your users updated.

sports betting app

The betting community feature helps your users to get solutions to their queries and get latest updates from the betting world.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Accurate Odds

The Sports Betting Mobile App provides accurate odds of the game, such as percentage for win-home, win-visitor, win-tie (1x2). This helps your users make better decision while placing the bets.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Goal/Runs/Scores average

Users may see historical data of goals/runs/scores of each game before placing the bet. This helps them to get better idea of what decisions they should make, making the app more interactive and appealing.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Recommended Bet

Show your users recommended bets, such as how much to bid and which team to bet on. With better support from your end, your users will more likely to use your Online Sports Betting App.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Odds from the major bookies

Providing odds from major and popular bookies will not only motivate your users to bet more, but will also increase the trust in your Sports Betting Mobile Application. This also keeps your users engaged with your app.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Results of Sports Matches

The sports betting app shows results of latest sports matches along with live scores of current matches. Having a score list in hands help users make better decision, eventually helping you generate more revenue from your app.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Fast In-Play Bets

The Sports Betting Mobile App is fast and quick, allowing your users to play bets during the game. The bet is placed within moments and before the scorecard changes.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Back End Connection

You get a powerful backend providing you full control over your Online Sports Betting App. With a dedicated web panel, keep an eye on the activities on your app and remain in control.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Offline Connection

The Sports Betting Mobile Application works offline, so your users can continue playing even if they lose the internet connection. This is highly valuable feature for people with slow internet connection or internet connection vulnerability.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Betting Tips

The sports betting app provides valuable betting tips to novice punters who do not know the ins-and-outs of betting. There is a FAQ section and a support system ready to help new punters.

Sports Betting Mobile App
Public betting trends

The Sports Betting Mobile App also shows public betting trends, such as popular teams, popular players and other trends. The stats remain accurate as the app accumulates real-time data to show the trends.

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