IT Solutions for Retail & eCommerce Industry

Empowering eCommerce and unleashing the power of Retail Industry through cutting-edge web & mobile solutions.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail goes beyond the conventional brick-and-mortar store. We leverage the impact of technology in reshaping the way small retailers or eCommerce owners do business.

With solutions like an eCommerce website, mobile application or a portal, we enable small vendors to make it big in the eCommerce arena. Our solutions are as big as those large eCommerce portals and as small as your buyers may carry them in a smartphone. Sell on-the-go and remain connected to your buyers. Manage your inventory & products anytime, anywhere. Gain access to the cutting-edge retail & eCommerce solutions offered by CodesCastle Private Limited.


  • Security

    The biggest threat to the success of eCommerce is the security concern. The hesitation of providing payment details online is widespread.

  • Hard Accessibility

    Accessing an eCommerce portal or app is still a mountain climbing for most of the vendors and buyers. Solutions are useful when easily approachable.

  • Stiff Competition

    Ecommerce is one of the most competitive industries having some big fishes to combat with. Smaller vendors either ignore or get ignored in the competition.

  • Multi-platform Retailing

    Buyers use different devices to shop online, making it more difficult for sellers to come up with one-stop solution.


  • Burgeoning Marketplace

    ECommerce has already become a billion-dollar industry, but it’s still in childhood. The opportunities are immense for online sellers.

  • Ease of Access

    Buying online has no more remained a challenge due to the simplicity that eCommerce platforms offer.

  • The Parallel Shore

    For offline retailers, eCommerce opens the doors to a parallel source of business. No extra efforts and no added inventory required.

  • The Big-M

    Mobile is the future of eCommerce with more than 62% online shopping would be conducted through mobiles by the end of 2020.

Our Solutions

Mobile-Tech Enablement

Leverage the benefit of Mobile Technology in your retail business. We offer Mobile Technology Enablement to make your business on-the-go.

Web Application & Portals

We build feature-rich and fully-customized web applications & web portals for your retail and eCommerce business.

B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Connecting the frontiers of businesses, we create bespoke B2B (Business-to-Business) eCommerce solutions.

B2C eCommerce Solutions

Give your buyers a better place to shop at. We create feature-rich Business-to-Customer eCommerce solutions.

Full-Cycle ERP / CRM solutions

Ease your work at the enterprise or customer level through feature-rich, full-cycle ERP and CRM Solutions.

POS Systems Integration

We provide Point-of-Sale System Integration at your inventory, retail store or on your eCommerce store.

Inventory Management Solutions

Manage your eCommerce inventory on-the-go with our fully-fledged & customized inventory management solutions.

SaaS Enablement

Automate your process using Software-as-a-Service. We provide SaaS enablement services as per your customized needs.

Supply Chain Mangement

We create feature-rich solutions to manage the demand-and-supply chain within your organization.

The CodesCastle Advantages

Easy-to-Access Solutions

We work hard on usability and make sure the solutions are easily approaches for people with little or no technical knowledge. For vendors, managing back-end and inventory remains highly comfortable. For buyers, everything is just one-click-away.

Easy Customization

One size doesn’t fit all. We create solutions tailored for your unique business. Keeping your growth in mind, we create solutions that are easy to customize and implement. You gain the full access to utilize the solutions as per your business nature and size.

Timeless Solutions

Your needs change with the time. Also, the tech-world keeps evolving every now-and-then. To make sure you do not have to start from the scratch when the time evolves, we create timeless solutions that remain effective for years.

Comprehensive Support

Delivering your project is just the beginning of our relationship. Should you need our assistance, we remain available to assist you 24x7. Our packages come with a comprehensive support that you may utilize in long run.

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