Enabling IT in Professional Service Firms

Managing Resources, Streamlining Processes & Increasing Profitability in Professional Service Firms.

Solutions for Professional Services

Professional Service providers and businesses face many issues with their day-to-day activities and workflow. We provide highly customized solutions that enable you to look-after the added responsibilities and utilize your resources profitably.

CodesCastle Private Limited provides cutting-edge IT solutions for professional services. We make bookkeeping, account management, resource management and other tasks simple and well-managed. Our solutions are tailored for doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, business owners and other professionals.


  • Analyzing Profitability

    Changing customer needs and business requirements threaten the profitability of professional services firms. Lack of technology increases the costs while reducing profitability.

  • Resource Assignment

    Resource allocation remains the top priority for professional service providers. Every task demands a specific professional, which is hard to manage.

  • Resource Management

    Physical resources increase a number of added responsibilities, such as availability management, payroll management, attendance management and much more.

  • Streamlining Processes

    Most of the professional service firms lack the appropriate tools to streamline their business processes, which results in lower efficiency and profitability.


  • Global Expansion

    Professional Service is among the sectors that has its worldwide presence. This enables you to push your boundaries and tap new marketplaces.

  • The Cost Factor

    The biggest driver of the Professional Service industry, cost can be dramatically reduced with the use of web, mobile and software technology.

  • Unique Customer Experience

    Technology-drive solutions are capable of improving the customer experience. Quick turnaround and better decision making can be enabled with technology.

  • Wearable Technology

    With the use of wearable technology, the Professional Service industry may go many steps ahead. All they need is implementing scanable codes.

Our Solutions

Account Management Software

Dedicated software for businesses to manage their accounts, payrolls, income & expenses with detailed reports.

Payroll Management Software

Manage the payrolls of your resources easily with the advanced payroll management software enabled with tax regulations.

Infrastructure Management

Manage your business infrastructure to increase profitability & production while minimizing your business expenses.

Back Office Management

Handle the back-office tasks of your business with the help of an advanced and technology-rich back-office management tool.

Workforce Management

Manage your resources effectively and profitably using highly advanced workforce management software.

Cloud Computing

Improve the performance, security and productivity of your business using our cloud computing services.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management system is an advanced tool for small, medium and large-scale professional service firms.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Safeguard your valuable data and use it for business intelligence with the help of an advanced & sophisticated system.

IT Staff Augmentation

Increase the productivity of your organization while controlling costs. Hire dedicated resources for your business requirements.

The CodesCastle Advantages


We create highly customized solutions solely created for your business. Also, we give you the control to customize the system as per the changing demands of your business.

Future-ready Solutions

The Professional Service industry is prone to quick changes. We create solutions that are future-ready, and remain effective for many years without requiring much modification.

Innovative acceleration

We make the best use of cutting-edge technologies in product designing, system architecture and technology implementation. This means, your business remains protected against changing environments.

Effective Operations

Our technology driven solutions maximize your efficiency, streamline your operations and minimize the costs. With these, you will witness improved efficiency by spending less on your resources.

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