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CodesCastle Software is the leading name in developing the feature-rich and quality-driven fitness and nutrition apps for iPhone & Android. Whether it’s about the right workout exercise app, gym workout tracker app, fitness tracker app or nutrition app, we cover all of them in the way you require. We make health and wellness apps that are true to your health and fitness goals, with the right technology embedded.

Redefine all the health aspects with the perfect fitness mobile apps.
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You get the real-time feedback for exercises on gym exercise app. All the activities are monitored and are reviewed accordingly.


Create your own workout schedule with workout planner app. Select your exercises & duration to make the workout more productive.


Meal and exercise app calculates the quantity the food, water and calories you have consumed and burned throughout the days.


Fitness tracker app for android & iPhone Assigns a suitable time for every workout with the timer or the countdown clock.


During the exercise schedules, make a live chat with your assigned coach with home fitness apps. Take feedback for improvement.


With gym workout plan app, consistently keep on increasing the duration of your workout and set your targets for days, weeks and months.

The Solutions
Our team of proficient and skilled developers masters the art of developing health and fitness apps, health and fitness apps, home workout app and exercise apps for iPhone and Android. With our fitness training app development services, we help your health and fitness business to attain an impressive growth among all your existing competitors.
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  • Physical Activity Trackers
    Healt & Fitness Mobile Application
    Healt & Fitness app developer
    Physical Activity Trackers

    Monitor the data of vital activities such as cycling, running, sleeping or walking. The gym workout tracker app collects all the data associated with stairs climbed, steps taken, liquid intake, calories burned etc. Hence, deliver your users with the right data so as keep them stay motivated.

  • Workout (Exercise) Apps
    Workout App Developers
    Workout Mobile App Developer
    Workout (Exercise) Apps

    Our workout planner app allows the gym owners and coaches to directly communicate with the users that are not able to hit the gym. The exercise planner app demonstrates the exercises whether for weight loss or muscle weight with the relevant postures.

  • Diet & Nutrition Planners
    Nutrition App Development
    Nutrition application developer
    Diet & Nutrition Planners

    diet and nutrition app helps the diet planners, gym owner or the nutrition stores to share the correct diet plans with the users. The diet and exercise app helps you to track the calories, sugar level, and the appropriate calorie intake.

  • Yoga Apps
    Yoga application Development
    Yoga mobile app developer
    Yoga Apps

    Learn yoga with the Yoga apps, with the correct postures and the benefits for each. Hence, share the asana details with your users and help them to garner the true benefits of yoga for accomplishing fitness goals.

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We have years of experience developing multi-platform workout and nutrition app, custom workout app and fitness apps for iPhone and Android.

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Our health and wellness apps come with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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Health Fitness App User
User Panel
  • User registration
  • DashBoard
  • Track miles and calories intakes
  • Filter the workouts
  • Select meal charts
  • Schedule workouts
  • Measure critical data
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Live chats with trainers
  • Share and store data
Health Fitness App Trainer
Trainer Panel
  • Dedicated Panel
  • Manage Trainees
  • Manage Workout Plans
  • Manage meal Plans
  • Send Reminders about Workout Goals
  • Track Pre-Workout Details
  • View & Manage Attendance (Self & Trainees)
  • View & Manage His Earnings
  • Upload Workout Videos
  • Schedule Consultation
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Make Video Calls
Health Fitness App Admin
Admin Panel
  • Secure Login
  • View & Manage Reports
  • Manage Trainers
  • Manage Trainees
  • View & Manage Attendance (Trainers & Trainees)
  • Manage Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Manage Advertisements and Promotions
  • Send Push Notifications
More Features
Creating polished iPhone and Android exercise planner app and fitness planner app for Gym Owners, Fitness Experts and Personal Trainers, we help your users meet their fitness goals. Garner the benefits with powerful workout guide app, gym fitness app and personal trainer app for iPhone and Android devices.
Fitness App Features
health & Fitness App Features

Sign in and register email/phone no. or social accounts. Start with your age, gender, weight and with the other health detail.

health & Fitness app company

Want workout plan or other stats related, all the relevant details are displayed & stored in diet and fitness apps.

health & Fitness app developers

Share your workout goals and compare the data with your friends and stay in tune with their fitness plans as well.

Fitness Bands

Connect your workout application with the wearable devices and get access to your activities on-the-go, on your wrist.

Activity Tracking

Find the correct jogging track, gym or fitness centers around you, and share your location with your friends.

Workout Videos

Find the workout videos for the different body parts and complete it with the correct postures with personal trainer app.

push notification

Missing workout for some time, the fitness workout app notifications will keep you reminded about your fitness goals.


Heart and pulse rate, Body temperature, Blood pressure & activities are noted down & tracked in fitness tracker app for Android & iPhone.

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