The ever-changing global market of IT has a lot to offer this year. With fast-paced trends and newer techniques being adapted to and implemented, the IT industry has a lot to offer. It has been known for a while now, that IT outsourcing isn’t simply a cost saving tool for companies that have already been established in the industry. The gradual shift of swing includes cloud technology and work automation which are heavily catching on and will soon be prevalent in most IT firms in India and China.Outsourcing clients are increasingly looking for more vertical expertise from their suppliers, says AnirbanDutta, director of Global Strategic Business Development at IT services company CSC. “The vertical integration among infrastructure, applications and operations will ensure efficiency, alignment and accountability between business strategies and enabling services,” he says.
Let’s take a look at the trends catching on in 2017 with the global IT industry changing tides in outsourcing.

1. Security of Data

One of the foremost topics of discussion is the security of data. The rapid development of technology has led to several cases of security breaches at popular firms. This way, there is no guarantee of valuable falling into the right hands. Cyber security has upped the ante by buffing up encryption and providing end-to end security for the client base of IT firms. With massive amounts of data being collected and provided to major IT companies, the encryption methods have become all the more tight. Therefore, providing security-as-a-service is of highest priority as an up and coming trend in the industry.

2. Robotic Process Automation

RPA is on its way to becoming one of the best and most widely used automation processes used intrinsically by all IT companies. Robotic Process Automation uses software robotic functions to process and carry forward the task at hand. These tasks, more often than not, are repetitive and can be easily performed by systematic algorithms put in place. The key take away from this process is that this deviation of trend will create the challenge of meticulously overcoming the challenges of managing the touch points between manual and automated tasks.

3. Deeper and Better Integration

2019 will bring about more changes in terms of transparency and openness. This kind of integration will be easy to implement but hard to manage. The IT firms will now be involved much more than they used to, to analyse and better streamline the work output to create a more seamless and efficient workforce. This benefits both firms; the IT department and the client. The trend will be to strive for smoother communication and involvement in processes thereby bettering the monitoring process. This is healthy and important for the relationship of both companies since there is in-depth knowledge about what is going on offshore.

4. Everybody is moving to the Cloud

Accessing data that is much larger in quantity is now accelerated after the introduction of the cloud. This trend is going to impact the market much faster than expected. Thus, moving the data to the cloud is necessary and opens up an avenue to provide a service by operating and managing data in the most efficient and feasible way known to the industry. This will help IT outsourcing companies to think of innovative approaches that will permit them to find their own niche. This is one trend that is bound to create ripples in the industry and cause effects in the IT services and outsourcing field.

5. Client Facing

Let’s face the facts. With the Donald Trump as the latest President Elect, the policies of outsourcing have taken a turn. Trump has promised to return the outsourced jobs back to the United States of America. This will change the tides and will improve the relations the client service teams will have with the clients and will bring about a newer breed of efficiency and transparency. Though the costs will increase, automation will compensate with the savings and relationships with clientele will skyrocket, carrying forward with it, a trust factor that is hard to compete with.

6. Socially Responsible (or Impact) Outsourcing

This trend may hold true for all industries, but is very essential for the IT firms to gain traction amongst their competitors. The business process delivery is streamlined and more over, the focus of this model is to host and employ socioeconomically under-privileged workers at BPO organizations and centres. This is a strong model and creates diversity in the Industry and helps realize corporate social responsibilities.
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